We love what we do

We say STOP to everything that is standard and we bring to the world special and unique objects, symbol of authentic craftsmanship, without compromise. I believe that the “Made in Italy” is what makes Italy so great and I am proud to create high quality handmade jewelry, characterized by exclusive Italian manufacturing.

Who we are

Anna Barola is a family story, my family story. I am Anna and first of all I am a mother. I have two daughters, Elena and Lucia, next to me in the picture above, and now I have also two grandchildren Margherita and Vittoria. This is really a feminine family for the joy of my husband, blessed among women.

I created Anna Barola Italian Jewels for fun, after having fallen in love with these hand-painted ceramic balls, the fuseruole. I met them for the first time within the embroidery world, they were, in fact, used as decoration on pillows. It was love at first sight. Their bright colors, perfect roundness, but also the history and territorial tradition that carry out it is what makes them so unique.

Therefore, I started a long process of study, experimentation and now after several courses and many tests, I produce my fuserole on my own. I take care of the entire production process, from clay modeling to all the burning and painting phases. Initially I used them to decorate household goods, but one day Lucia said: “Mom, why don’t we create a ceramic jewelry line?”

Since then we are a river in flood. It is a passion that does not make us sleep at night. It is a passion that does not make us sleep at night. A passion so strong that overwhelmed also Lucia, who at 23 years left courageously her job to devote herself to this project. She is in charge, in fact, of the jewel’s design and its realization, for which her young vision and trendy style helps creating contemporary accessories.

I love to call our jewels, artist jewels, because they are creations that contain our emotions described with a brush. Each brushstroke is made with love and contains a feeling and that is why each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

As I said above, this is a family story and after Lucia, also Elena decided to join the gang, bringing our jewels around US. She lives, in fact, in Miami which has become our operational base beyond the ocean.

The love that binds us and the desire we feel to stay together is our engine. Working together is just an excuse to criticize and improve ourselves.

It is properly because of my daughters, that I decided to take this activity seriously and launch myself into the web, a completely stranger for me.

Now I can express all my creativity, bringing an important and ancient tradition to the world, the Deruta ceramics, in a new guise.

We are used, in fact, to think about ceramics as precious and classy household good, so not everybody can enjoy and appreciate this art.

This is because not everybody has the proper house to host this type of furnishing.

We aim that this ancient tradition could be known and loved by everyone and therefore we create ceramic to be worn.

Hoping you like it.

It is an association of Umbrian artisans established in 2009. One of its fundamental characteristics is the close link between artistic craftsmanship and its territory.

We members all spread the love of handmade. Never forgetting our tradition, we try to project ourselves towards the future.

An all female family story

Inspired by the spindle whorls, which her mother has always used to enrich hers embroidery Lucia had a completely innovative idea: he gave life to Anna Barola Italian Jewels, a line of ceramic jewelry.

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