ELISIR is a concentrate of perfumed magic with therapeutic and miraculous virtues.

According to ancient alchemists, these magical potions, if poured on metals could transform them into gold, if drunk could heal, extend life, fall in love, or rejuvenate.

For every desire there was a special Elisir, but they have all something in common, the flowers.

In fact, each flower has properties and has a meaning that accompanied the emotions of those who receive them and those who give them. They help expressing a feeling in the absence of words.

What is your favorite elisir among Elisir of Joy (pink), Elisir of mysticism (purple) and Elisir of eternal love (blue)?

With blue flowers you declare an infinite love and eternal faithfulness.

They celebrate the tranquility of the home and the safety of a feeling without limits.

Blue Himalayan poppies, Ageratum and Agapanthus represent the purity and solidity of a great and lasting love.

They are flowers that induce those who observe them to perceive a sense of peace and tranquility and they are usually preferred by people with inner balance.

For them an Elisir of eternal love is perfect.

An elisir of joy is composed of roses, peach flowers and hibiscus in shades of pink.

Flowers that are perfect to celebrate happy events such as a new love, concentrating on the positive while driving away bad thoughts.

They express friendship, admiration and are a symbol of delicate beauty.

If a fuchsia is added to these, the Elisir becomes noble. Fuchsia in fact brings elegance, gracefulness, and good taste.

Primroses and panse , represent youth and happiness.

In the shades of purple, however, they tell the shyness of those who give them.

Purple flowers are associated with spirituality and are usually liked by deep and introverted people.

They are bearers of values such as humility, generosity but also of mysticism.

The burdock, for example, is the flower of confidentiality and reluctance.

Freesia expresses the fascination for the unknown, while vanda was thought to help avoiding sterility.

An Elisir made with purple flowers is an Elisir of introspection and mysticism.

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