Everyday Different

Unique handmade jewelry that combine the ancient tradition of Deruta ceramics with the design and the fun of the interchangeability

  • Ring


    This ring with ceramic and silver is created to amaze you. It is a ring…

  • Earrings


    Earrings with sinuous lines, such as those of the woman who will wear them. They…

  • Necklace


    Our necklace has been created for your amusement; in fact, you can change the pearls…

  • Bracelet


    925-silver rigid bracelet with a finely hand-painted ceramic pearl, realized following the ancient tradition of…

The Italian style mixed with the uniqueness of our high manufacturing make these jewels real masterpieces that hide a little secret.

EVERYDAY DIFFERENT is a collection of INTERCHANGIBLE JEWELRY created to make you have fun, having a different accessory for every mood.

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